The spa springs of Fadagosa de Nisa, set in a delightful landscape, are situaded 37 kms from Quinta do Maral, near to the road. Formerly freely used by the local population, they comprise, today. a modern well-equiped thermal complex in the service of public health, together with a bar and terrace and a picnic park.

Classification of the water: alcaline, bicarbonated, with sodium, fluorline and sulphur.

Therapeutic indications: respiratory tract ailments; rheumatoid and musculo-skeletal ailments; ailments of the digestive system; physical and rehabilitation medicine; nephro-urinary ailments; musculo-skeletal ailments; skin diseases and dermatological pathologies.

Treatment: general immersion, water-jet douche, nebulization and inhalation, nasal irrigation, air bubble bath.

Season: 1st  April – 30th November