Chestnut Festival

Chestnuts are one of the region’s specialities and are an important source of wealth from the mountainous areas. Taken from three varieties of trees, they are certified with the Denomination of Protected Origin and are marketed fresh, dry or in syrup. In cooking they are used in appetizing soups, meat and fish dishes and, of course tempting sweets like pão de rala with chestnuts (a traditional dessert made from eggs, sugar, lemon rind, peeled almonds and pumpkin) or tarte de aramenha (aramenha tart)

Chestnut peel is used in handicrafts for creating embroidery and the tree bark in basketwork. Also the wood itself is used to make stairs and others objects.

In November, the Chestnut Festival and Fair is the time to celebrate the chestnut forests in the mountains. As well as the typical cuisine associated with the chestnut, also showcased are the handicrafts and pictures embroidered with chestnut peel which are unique to the region, and whose details and artistic beauty have been recovered from the tradition of a distant past.

The municipality also has fine examples of artwork made from cork and clay.

Al Mossassa – Marvão Islamic Festival

Taking place every year in October in honour of Ibn Marwan, the founder of the town, the Islamic Festival combines gastronomy with handicrafts. The town remembers its founder with street performances, a typical market, music and Islamic cultural entertainment in an ambitious project, which is twinned with Spanish city of Badajoz, a town founded by the same Vizier.