World Heritage candidate, one of the most emblematic and lovely towns in the Alentejo, Marvão immediately captivates the visitor with its spectacular scenery, and the excellent preservation of the town, with its white houses and important natural and man-made heritage.

Close to the frontier with Spain, in the heart of the Natural Park of the S. Mamede Mountain and bordered by the River Sever, Marvão is the highest territory in the Alentejo and surprises its visitors with its magnificent views and varied landscape, with mountains areas, narrow fertile valleys and oak plantations, which harmoniously integrate farming activities with the natural habitats rich in flora and fauna.

The region´s unique conditions attracted settlers early in pre-historic times and later with the Romans and Arabs, who all left an important archaeological and monumental legacy, particularly from the times of Portugal’s reconquest, recognition and independence as a nation, after which various religious orders were established.

Loyal to its roots, the municipality has preserved its traditional cuisine and handicrafts, and offers visitors the best of the wonderful surroundings provide modern leisure facilities, for visitors to make the most of their time and enjoy everything the town has to offer.