A collective and familiar nudity.

Quinta do Maral will always bet in the valuing of a family environment where all the ones who start this practice will feel comfortable.

For us, Naturism as a way of living goes by far further nudity. We value such attitudes as respect for the others and for the environment. And this will always be an important value.

In this place we won’t accept any kind of behaviour which doesn’t respect the naturist essence. Sexual exhibitionist attitudes won’t be tolerated. There won’t be accepted any kind of behaviours which may offend family susceptibilities, meaning, everyone without exception and specially the children should live Quinta do Maral as a naturist holiday place where they feel the wish to return.

Once respecting the other, we would rather not forget the respect for the environment. We’re looking forward to get the certification as Nature Tourism, so that energetic efficiency, rubbish separation and the rational use of precious resources such as water, are, for Quinta do Maral, vital and we hope that our guests will share with us these environmental concerns. We respect smokers and we do believe that they respect no-smokers.

Nudity will be compulsory, as long as the weather allows it. There can be some exceptions for those trying naturism for the first time. In the pool area and inside the water nudity will always be compulsory.

For the naturists, nudity is shared: men, women, adults, youth, children or elderly, no matter to race, shape, etc. Common and inter-generational living helps the comprehension and acceptance of differences and natural life evolution, favouring harmony and self-esteem, freeing everyone from their complexes and/or obsessions with the body. After all, “we are all different but, at the same time, equal”.

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